Kell Kay puts a ring on Tama's finger!

What a lovely Saturday night for Tama! It wasn't deja vu how romantic Kell Kay proposed marriage to his lovely Queen last night at BICC during his debut album launch.

Tama and Kell Kay have been going out for a couple of months since the media started to notice about the affair. They were spotted together during most of his shows(including UK tour) , hanging around town together until one day, Kell posted a picture with Tama with a caption 'Love in Tokyo.'

It's really uncommon to see a musician propose his woman of dreams such in a romantic way more surprisingly during an album launch where everyone could see. A marriage proposal will (hopefully) only happen once in your lifetime, so you'll want it to be memorable and perfect. Kell Kay's idea was such an amazing way to do it. So beautiful.

Not to talk much of how successful the album launch went, it was a very successful night for the two as well as this has marked a journey into a lovely couple!

Watch video:

Published on 28 Oct 2019 / in Afro Beats


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