Finally, Lazrus Chigwandali has a querencia, a safe house he can call home has been bought for him with the support from Hugo, Esau, Clem and Spiwe through the kickstarter campaign.

Lazrus's team describes the arrangement a too involving process as it has taken time to get a safe house for Laz and family since the Kickstarter campaign lasted in May, 2019. At first, there was a plan to construct a house with the funds (over £22 000) from the campaign on a land around his neighbourhood but realising that Lazrus had gained popularity and for the safety of him and his family, his team thought it would be a good idea not to buy land and build them a house in the middle class neighbourhood as it wasn't any longer a safe place but rather buy the family an already finished house.

After being scammed the first time of trying to buy a house which they found earlier after the first scout, it took them months to finally find the new house for Lazrus and family. Esau Mwamwaya describes the house as a three bedroom apartment with one living room, one dining room, 2 bathrooms, and a fully fitted kitchen and has a small out house that would eventually be a studio for Lazrus. As far as security is the best priority to assure the family's safety, the whole compound has a big parameter wall with barbed wires on top, flood lights and as well as a couple of guard dogs.

This development has been made possible by the help from a lot of people worldwide. The love that Lazrus Chigwandali gets is the best of its kind. Dwelling from a very poor background to becoming a superstar, Lazrus's life has changed. Basically, from living in a shark, exposed to kidnappings and attacks, worrying about the safety of his family, Lazrus is very thankful to everyone who supported him during the Kickstarter campaign as he finally has a safe house where he can live in peace and focus on his musical career and his work as  an albinism activist.

Published on 18 Oct 2019 / in Afro Beats


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