"Back to finish what I started"- Mwanache

Decade ago, it was not simple and quite subtle gaining recognition as a young artist. It was so fortunate and a breakthrough for Mwanache to become well-known at a tender age back in the 2009 with his hit song 'Ndimafuna'.

Upon releasing a series of hit songs over the years, such as wamisala osagenda, Inkosi Gomani and others, Mwanache's career never sloped down but rather the people called him King of twisting. His skill to rap the words so fast in vernacular remains one of its kind and still uncommon.

In 2016, Mwanache was invited to perform in Cape Town along with Organised Family, K2B Block and Mafo at concert organised by his manager Humphrey Mpewe who currently resides in the Mother City where he owns a music record label called Lomwe King Universal.

A year later, he was again called back to perform with the likes of Annie Matumbi, Symon & Kendall and others. This time around, Mwanache never came back to Malawi but rather opened his doors to further his music career together with the label.

Mwanache describes the stay as adventurous and entertaining as he perpetually performed in clubs and got paid decently as compared to how much he made back home. Mwanache betells the exotic country as organised and impressive following witnessing the support that flows amongst the music industry. "It was more like chasing my dream. I made fortune through shows where fellow Malawians would come to support us. I couldn't imagine how huge my fans are out there." said Mwanache in an interview with Urban Malawi.

Inclusively, Mwanache portrays the South African music industry as very supportive as radio & club Dj's focus on promoting the local music and you won't find them play too much of foreign music which leaves the audience with no option but rather just love their local artists.

Recently, something came up Mwanache's mind and he had to face the music as his surge of adrenaline started push him to come back home and finish what he started. "The years spent in South Africa have been fruitful and I have gained an experience of working with different people. I just felt like, my home needs me so I decided to come back this year and finish what I started." said Mwanache.

Apparently, he has already released a song called 'Amfumu abwera' and sets to release a couple of singles by the end of 2019 and plans to release an album soon as we venture next year.

To wind up, the star told Urban Malawi that his team (Lomwe King Universal) plans to open a record company here in Malawi which sets to promote the local music especially the up-and-coming musicians from all corners of Malawi.

Published on 03 Oct 2019 / in Hip-hop


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"Back to finish what I started"- Mwanache
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