50 unreleased songs from Blakjak! Sets to return with an album

Let's first explore the recipes for success as Blakjak portrays. He conveys success as a consistency of
skill, impact, relevance, consistency, image, humbleness, originality and connection. But as for Urban Malawi, we choose to add the 9th element of quality to the recipe as we see Blakjak's excellence in creating music is one of its kind!

After a very long time of unreleased material, Blakjak describes the absent period as sacrificial for he had spent much time creating new music as well as balancing his daily schedules which helped him insistently persist and thanks to God! The secret of letting producers take full control of his songs, made him stay away from it.

The month end of September 2019, Blakjak intends to call upon a good number of critics to listen to his 50 song project and help decide the best for an album. Wow! Blakjak brings to light that his music features a variety of different artists, both upcoming musicians and veterans as he is not phased with debates on what's cool between new school and old school.

The songs have features from upcoming artists such as Valine, Leslie, Fyah Bowy, Homage, Angie, Sispence, Vas, Nyasa B, Jazmine and have a taste of veteran artists such as Saint, Sir Patrick's, Hyphen, Martse, Krazie G, Gwamba, Rina, Mafo, Slessor. Exclusively, he has projects with Fredokiss, Malinga and as well as Giddes Chalamanda.

Before the album drops, a single will be released by month end of September! Blakjak promises fans that he will consistently keep recording new songs and always release relevant material! The upcoming album shall have a full presentation of what he has been working on and hopes you all love it! "Indzeee"

Published on 20 Sep 2019 / in Dancehall


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